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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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be on "watch what happens live" tonight. i want to be on. >> kate? >> i learned if you ask for what you want on the air you have a good chance of getting it because you'll be a "cosmo" columnist. >> i'm writing a column for "cosmo." does it get any better? >> why don't you roll around on the floor. >> i'm going to be the cosmo bachelor of the month. >> look at that head of hair on donny. >> we're over. we've got to go. if it's way too early, it's "morning joe" but right now, let's go over to savannah. >> are you going to the desk? >> we've had a good day. >> you are supposed to -- >> you stand on either side just as like bodyguards. and now stick around. it's time for the morning madness. >> what i lucky girl. >> savannah guthrie. >> let's get to it. president obama arrives in france for the start of the g-8
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summit. atop the agenda today, sideline meetings with the russian and french presidents. we'll be there live. the crisis in yemen. hit raise boiling point. the state department orders nonessential diplomats out of yemen. plus, will she or won't she with the staff shakeup. a new home in arizona and a film debut, the growing signs that sarah palin may be preparing to run. good morning. it's thursday, may 26th, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie in new york. >> and good morning. i'm chuck todd here in deauville, france. a rainy deauville france on the northern border of this country. and right now, aides are giving a briefing. presidential aides are giving a briefing about a meeting that president obama just had a few minutes ago. arrived here a couple of hours ago. he immediately, his first order of business was to have a one on one meet with the russian president medvedev.
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and in that meeting the president talked about what essentially is going to be the agenda of most of this g-8 summit. >> we also discussed the situation in the middle east and north africa. and shared our ideas about how we can manage the transition process that's taking place throughout the region in a way that enhances prosperity and opportunity for people there. and ensures stability and resolves conflicts in a peaceful way. >> as you know, sa van athese summits have some precooked ideas that are going to get announced. and one of them has to do with aid to the fledgling democracies in north africa, tunisia and egypt. what's a little less clear, though, is what's going to come out on libya. as you know, french president and just like the british prime minister behind the scenes, they've been talking about
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trying to goose the united states to get them more involved in the military campaign to ramp things up. as we know and just now ben rhodes in this briefing insisted that the president has been clear about what the role the united states would play. it's playing a robust role and there's right now no need to increase that role at this point. >> chuck, i know we'll check in with you a little bit later on. we do have some news actually out of libya this morning. a british paper, the independent is reporting that moammar gadhafi's government is preparing to offer an immediate cease-fire citing a letter being sent from his prime minister to several foreign governments. that letter reportedly offers an end to the fighting unconditional talks with the rebels and a new constitution. importantly, however it does not include any mention of gadhafi's role in libya's future. back here on capitol hill, the clock will strike midnight, literally, on parts of the patriot act. some controversial provision expire tonight if congress does not act. and that has led to a big showdown in congress. let's get to kelly o'donnell,
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nbc news capitol hill correspondent. >> good morning, savannah. this has led to one of the newer members of the senate in a heated fight. the expiration of some of those provisions is a hot topic. it really always has been. many thought it would be easy to approve this. what's been going on is senator rand paul, a republican and a tea party person from kentucky, he has been making a forceful argument spending hours on the senate floor talking about things like your fourth amendment rights. the government's ability to take a look at your bank records or phone records. and, of course, harry reid, the majority leader is saying this is too big of an issue to allow a debate over some specifics to hold this up, especially, he says, after the capture and killing of osama bin laden and all of that potential material that could lead to new clues, that could help the intelligence community find other terrorists. it's been a fight about that hot button issue of terrorism and the important views on some of the civil liberties that are
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here. so what has happened is that rand paul has taken this to the wall, causing more time to be needed and that's brought this to the brink of the expiration. because of the way things work here, they expect that they'll keep fighting this out today. then the house still has to deal with it before it gets to the president. that could even be sent to him in europe if it passes to sign it. so the intelligence community has said this needs to be done. advocates of this patriot act extension have been forceful but you also have a very strong argument from some of the tea party senators jim demint, mike lee and rand paul, saying there are some important rights that need to be looked at here and some changes need to be made to the patriot act. that's the outline of the fight. and it's been a good one here. >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, thank you. now to the weather. the central u.s. may finally get a break from nearly a week of powerful tornados. the latest brought reports of more than 80 twisters across ten states. thankfully, no new fatalities to report today. the weather channel's jim cantor
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se live in poplar bluff, missouri. good morning. what's the latest there? >> good morning, savannah. for the first time this spring it's so nice. i have to be tell you to be standing without debris behind me here. without destroyed homes, destroyed cars and a city intact like here in poplar bluff. that is quite pleasant. let's take you back to yesterday. we were pretty close to some pretty big tornadoes. this is elsinor, 25 miles to my west-northwest. very rural town. large cone tornado here. three quarters of a mile wide. that's as big as the joplin, missouri, tornado. the good news is it was over open farmland. we had a few reports of some damage to homes but that was it. a big difference, obviously, when you have one of those over and out in the middle of nowhere as opposed to in the middle of a downtown area. over to sedalia, missouri. ef-1 to ef-1 damage which means
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winds up to 135, 140 miles per hour. tractor trailers overturned. some damage and debris piles. some of this was sprayed off what could have been a five-mile path. issues in joplin as the cleanup continued. finally a break from the weather there. the problem is the death toll continues to climb. and that is certainly the saddest news of all as we now certainly focus or refocus on the joplin area. what a weekend it will be. mother nature calming down in terms of tornadoes and severe weather. >> jim cantore on duty in poplar bluff. new numbers out today show the economic recovery still has a long way to go. cnbc's becky quick joins us now with more. beck egood morning. >> good morning. the numbers this morning on wall street have not been great. if looks like those dow futures will open down. down only about 10 or 20 points
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but they have come down significantly since we got the numbers about 35 minutes ago. we saw jobless claims coming in. they show 424,000. that again is not a great number. about the sixth week in a row we've seen more than 400,000 new jobless claims coming in. and that 400,000 level has been a key one that economists look to and say if you can get below that you can start to make some improvement in the unemployment number. we have not seen that yet. that continues to be a disappointment. perhaps even more concerning is this new number for first quarter gdp. the original read, the first read on it was 1.8%. since that point, we had been expecting, well, maybe things are even better than the street had been -- than economists had been predicting. people had been looking for 2%, 2.2% for the reread. came back in at 1.8%. things are just as lousy as we thought first time around. and that knocked the wind out of the sails of the markets this morning. looked like we were going to open higher this morning. it's been a real grind for wall street over the last several
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weeks. the last three weeks the dow has closed lower. if this is the fourth week we see a down close for the market, that's going to be the first time we've seen that since last august. so people are watching this very closely. and what looked like it was going to be a stronger day today has turned around on disappointing numbers. >> what's the big drag on the economy? is it gas prices at this point? >> gas prices are cutting into the consumer, but it's also businesses that have gotten hit with the dual -- double wammy. first of all, they have seen a real build-up in inventories and demand has dropped off because consumers aren't buying. at this point they are saying, hold on. slow down. we're not going to be making more investments. japan was a little more of a severe situation around the globe than people originally predicted. they think that slowdown is really showing up in those first quarter numbers. >> becky quick watching the markets for us. coming up, our presidential elections in this country inherently unfair?
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former tennessee senator and presidential candidate fred thompson joins us to talk about the growing movement to ditch the electoral college in favor of a national popular vote. plus who he is backing in the republican race for president. plus, tiffany gate. diamonds may be forever but newt gingrich is hoping his blingrich nickname won't be. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule today. he'll be in deauville, france for the g-8 summit. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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the presidential election still 18 months away, but already some pollsters say that it may come down to what happens in just eight states because of the electoral college. and this is sparking a renewed call particularly from the states not on that list of eight to change the electoral system to guarantee the candidate with the most popular votes walks away the winner. former senator and 2008 presidential candidate fred thompson is a co-chair of the national popular vote campaign. he joins us now. senator, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, savannah. >> make your pitch. some people, and chuck todd will join us, too, he may be among them. they like the old school, the constitution had the electoral college in it. it's hard to give it up. but what's your point on the popular vote and why that shk the real determinant on who wins the presidential election? >> well, you know, i've just kind of got tired of trying to explain to schoolkids why if you elect a class president or a
9:15 am
homecoming queen it's who gets the most votes wins, but when you elect the president of the united states, it's not necessarily the case. i think that it's an idea whose time has come. i've looked at it from both standpoints, but i think a couple of things at the outset are important to keep in mind. this is not going against the founding fathers. it's not going against the constitution. it's not even amending the constitution and it's not doing away with the electoral college. the founding fathers gave the states the option of choosing their electors however they wanted to. and they've chosen them different ways at different times in our history. one of the ways that they have at their disposal is to say we'll cast our electors according to who wins the national vote. and that's what we're suggesting. what we have now is a system where as you indicated, where a handful of states determine who is going to be president. they get all of the attention. they get all of the money.
9:16 am
they get all the campaign appearances. and they get all of the attention between elections. i mean you can see policy decisions being made clearly based upon who is a swing state and who is not. handful of swing states, everybody else is kind of fly over territory and i think a vote in tennessee ought to count as much as a vote in california. that's why i come down on this this way. i am being joined by former governor chet colger of iowa and a former senator of illinois in this. >> you are right about trying to explain the electoral college. there's a book i read to my 7-year-old daughter called "grace for president." it tries. it's not easy. wyoming in that book is the swing state. but let me ask you this. what do you say to the small states because you are right about this policy issue. state of iowa probably the
9:17 am
greatest example. it's huge both in the primary process and in the general election as a swing state. but what do you say to the small states which right now do get an opportunity and they are going to be worried that all these presidential candidates are going to do is spentd their time in new york, florida, texas and california. >> nobody pays any attention to the small states now. the small states are pretty much evenly divided between red states and blue states. and you have about half of them that are heavily republican. you have other -- the other half that's heavily democratic. and they are taken for granted. and what i'm suggesting is a way to where a person's vote in wyoming would count just as much as a person's vote in new york. same thing is true incidentally with large states. some people say with the large states will dominate, the large cities will dominate in the first place. los angeles can't even dominate california in their elections
9:18 am
that they have out there. but the large states pretty evenly divided also. you have about six that are red states, six or seven that are blue states. and heavily one way, heavily the other. nobody pays any attention to them. it's just those handful of swing states that sometimes can be as few as five but everybody pays attention to and who, in effect, wind up making a decision as to who is going to be our president. and i think as more conducive to fraud than any system that we've got today. >> senator, before we let you go, we have to ask you about the 2012 race and your take on the field we see right now. do you think it's essentially set or do you think some other candidates need to get in there? >> i wouldn't be surprised if somebody else got in. you know, i think back to, what was it '92, i remember that george bush 41, you know, was
9:19 am
unbeatable. none of the democrats wanted to run. you had a few people out there kind of halfway running and here comes bill clinton in november before the election year and decides to run, throws his hat in the ring and, of course, the rest is history. so i don't think we ought to take anything for granted. i think we've got some good people out there who are already running. i don't have any choice to make on that right now. but i wouldn't be a bit surprised if somebody else got in before it was over with. >> senator, what lessons would you offer to be learned? you got in last, essentially, the last time. you got in late. tough sometimes to get a late start. so for these folks that are sitting on the sidelines thinking about it, whether it's rick perry, chris christie, sarah palin, what advice for them was the hardest thing about getting in late? >> that's a good question. i think i was late not because of the month it was, because people had gotten in later than me historically.
9:20 am
bill clinton, i mentioned, is one of them. but because everybody else had been running for a year. this time around, that's not the case. people have stayed out longer. they've seen how debilitating it is both from a standpoint of organization and a standpoint of money and holding yourself out there, beating each other up all that time. and they haven't declared as early. so it's not as late. august or september this time around will not be as late as august or september the last time around. >> yeah, makes some sense. senator fred thompson. great to have you with us today. hope you'll come back. >> thank you. still to come, the u.s. calls on yemen's leader to step down as that country hovers on the brink of civil war. plus, all that glitters is not gold for newt gingrich. >> all i'm telling you is we are very frugal. in fact, live within our budget.
9:21 am
>> a presidential race that's all about spending. newt gingrich joins the long line of politicians whose own personal spending could cost them in the race for president. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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for newt gingrich, it's not only his record under the microscope right now. it's also his receipts. the presidential candidate is trying to explain a $500,000 charge account at one of the nation's priciest jewelry stores. lisa myers is nbc news senior investigative correspondent. she joins us now. good morning. >> hey, savannah. as you know, newt gingrich has always described himself as frugal and fiscally conservative which is why this story about a huge line of credit at tiffany's just won't go away. his latest effort at damage control is a statement from tiffany's explaining how gingrich managed to buy as much as $500,000 in jewelry, pay it
9:25 am
off over time and not pay any interest. sparkling diamonds and an iconic blue box have worked magic for men for decades. for newt gingrich, not so much. he and his wife have been dubbed the blingriches. >> $500,000 at tiffany's? there's a simple explanation. the guy clearly buys his engagement rings in bulk. >> people give me a little key ring from tiffany's. $500,000? >> the questions just keep on coming. >> it was -- >> $500,000 worth of jewelry on credit. >> no, it's a no-interest account. it's a normal way of doing business. we are very frugal. we, in fact, live within our budget. we owe nothing. >> tiffany provided nbc news with a statement basically confirming gingrich's account and saying it routinely offers
9:26 am
interest-free borrowing for up to one year for credit-worthy tiffany customers. still, experts say very few americans could qualify for the same deal gingrich got five years ago. >> we're going to get this type of deal you have to have great wealth to qualify for $250,000 to $500,000 line of credit at tiffany's. >> reporter: though gingrich has declined to reveal what he bought, the strand of diamonds she's wearing here looks quite similar to this one in the tiffany catalog. price? $45,000. political analysts say that just as john edwards became defined by his $400 haircuts, newt gingrich rinks becoming known for bling. which may make it even harder for the candidate to relate to voters struggling in a fragile economy. and working to pay off their own credit line at sears. >> look. most people don't have homes that cost $500,000, let alone jewelry bills of that amount. it's not something that people can relate to.
9:27 am
>> reporter: now we asked gingrich's spokesman for a comment about this and he told us, the gingrichs have a right to spend their money the way they want. and a right to give the gifts they want to give. it's their money. savannah? >> fair enough. lisa myers, nbc news senior investigative correspondent. thank you. coming up next, wine and cheese anyone? that's right. we're going back to chuck. he's standing by in france. plus, the melee over medicare. is the paul ryan republican plan really throwing granny off a cliff? bill adare from politifact will be here with his truth-o-meter and will separate fact from fiction. plus, john edwards' camp responds to the news that the one-time presidential candidate is on the brink of an indictment. but first, today's trivia question. the g-8 uses to be the g-7. so our question is, where was the first g-7 meeting in the united states?
9:28 am
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bottom of the hour now. i'm savannah guthrie in new york. where in the world is chuck todd? today, deauville, france. >> that's right, savannah. here it's the start of the g-8 sum pipt tmit summit. the president getting ready to start some summit business. he began the morning with a one on one meet with dmitry medvedev. aides joked they apparently, even though they don't -- everything they do is apparently simultaneous translation, apparently they are very jocular with each other. that they are that comfortable bantering back and forth and yet they won't share any of the jokes they had back and forth.
9:32 am
>> like us. >> the real business -- of course. the real business here, which is kind of baked already as you know these summits are. most of the business has already been done. has to do with financial aid, billions of it for egypt and tunisia. if there is going to be any friction, it's going to have to do with the role the united states is playing in the military campaign in libya. as you know, sarkozy and cameron behind the scenes are pushing for the u.s. to get more involved. aides are saying, hey, no, no, no. we're as involved as they want us to be. they're trying to play that down. and then the other sidebar story has to do with the french campaign to make sure they keep that slot at the imf. >> all right. so we'll check back in in a second. we want to get to some other headlines. the state department is warning u.s. citizens against traveling to yemen on fears of terrorist activities and civil unrest. the state department has also ordered family members of u.s. government employees and some nonemergency personnel to leave yemen. serbian authorities arrested
9:33 am
general ratko mladic, europe's most wanted war crimes fugitive today. he was wanted for genocide in the slaughter of some 8,000 bosnian muslims committed by his troops during bosnia's war in the early '90ss. attorney for john edwards is denying edwards broke the law following reports that the justice department has decided to go forward with criminal charges alleging edwards violated campaign finance laws while covering up an extramarital affair. in a statement, edwards' attorney said the government is, quote, wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. well, the senate voted down paul ryan's budget plan yesterday and a haul plan to ovl the medicare system. it's causing a firestorm of claims from both sides on the issue. we want to turn to politifact's bill adare to help set the record straight. thanks for being with us. one ad that caught our eye and a lot of folks' eyes is created by an advocacy group called the
9:34 am
agenda project. it literally shows a paul ryan look alike rolling grandma off the cliff. aside from the visual, we want you to take on a couple of the things it says in this ad. the first one is, it says that the ryan plan privatizes medicare. how do you rate it? >> we rated that mostly true on our truth-o-meter. that's a reasonable description of what it does. you know, medicare currently, the government pays private providers, doctors and hospitals, for the care. under ryan's plan, it would be private insurance companies that would do the payments to private providers. using in many cases what they call premium support. that would be the government's contribution to it. we talked to experts. they say that counts as privatization so we rated this mostly true on the truth-o-meter.
9:35 am
>> all right, bill. another part of the ad, though, also said that the ryan budget proposal would leave the country, quote, without medicare. you rated that accusation as? >> false. and that's similar to another rating we gave to an ad from the democratic congressional campaign committee. this has been, of course, a major complaint by the democrats that the ryan plan would abolish medicare, that it would leave the country without medicare. and that's just not accurate. it's accurate to say it would overhaul medicare. it would drastically change medicare, but it's not correct to say it would leave the country without medicare. so that one gets a false. >> still on the topic of the ryan plan or at least paul ryan himself, he said on taxes, president barack obama wants to raise the top rate to 44.8%. and politifact rules that what? >> mostly true.
9:36 am
this is an interesting one. when we first saw this one we thought that can't be right because under the obama plan, he has always, of course, wanted to allow the bush tax cuts to expire on the wealthiest americans. and that would restore the highest bracket to, i think, about 39.5%. so first when we saw this we thought it was wrong. but when you look at the things that ryan is including in there, economists told us that that was fair. he is including the payroll taxes on top of that and some additional taxes that would go on top. so overall, we gave that one a mostly true. >> all right, bill. and the final one on our little segment today had to do with the american crossroads claim that "unions don't have to comply with obamacare." i assume you have your sound effect ready for this one. >> unfortunately, chuck, i don't have the sound effect. maybe you guys can make the sound for me. pants on fire for that one. there we go.
9:37 am
that one -- that claim is just ridiculously false. what crossroads gps is saying is that unions would not have to comply with the health care law. and that's just not true. there is a provision in the health care law that gives exemptions to both companies and to unions to not have to meet the limits on premium -- on how much they would pay. but it applies evenly to corporations and unions. and it's just not accurate to say unions don't have to comply. it's a very effective ad, though. they put images together at a very powerful way. unfortunately they're not accurate. >> all right. bill adair from politi krt fact. always good to have you. thank you. >> thanks, guys. let's do our trivia. back when the g-8 was known as the g-7, where was the first g-7 meeting in the united states? and the answer is puerto rico in 1976. actually speaking of puerto
9:38 am
rico, president obama will be visiting there on june 14th. this is the first official visit by a sitting president since jfk in 1961. president ford attended the g-7 summit in '76 but that was not an official presidential visit. chuck if you had actually guessed williamsburg, virginia, as the answer to our question, we will give you credit. the first g-7 meeting in official u.s. state was in virginia in 1983. chuck, at this point, i would just like to commend you for going 38 minutes without making your standard i should have had a g-8 joke. >> i know. i already did it on twitter. i figured that was enough. the way this works, the united states hosts the g-8 next year. of course, president obama made a big deal about saying the g-20 should be the focus of all economic debate when it comes to the world these days. but g-8 coming in a presidential election year. be interesting to see where they decide to host it. it's up to the host country. and we're next for 2012.
9:39 am
>> i think chuck's spity sense thinks it's going to be in a swing state. we shall see. chuck, we'll see you in a couple of minutes. up next, a look at the democrats 2012 strategy. plus, ready to run? as the republican presidential field starts to gel, there are new signs that sarah palin may be getting into the game. first, the white house soup of the day. they are serving el paso chicken and rice at the white house mess today. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ male announcer ] this is james.
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why can't every tablet do that? vice president biden laid out what will be the democrats' 2012 argument last night at a state party dinner in new hampshire. calling republicans a different breed of cat, he pinned paul ryan's budget on the party.
9:43 am
>> he really thinks that the way for america to own the 21st century is the prescription he's laid out. and every republican in the congress, obviously, thinks so as well. and all but five republicans in the senate think so as well. and every republican candidate running for president thinks so as well. even newt has seen the lord. >> beth rhinehart is a political correspondent for "national journal" and chris cillizza is an msnbc contributor. biden says all the candidates in the presidential race have seen the lord on the paul ryan budget. and, yet, we see romney and pawlenty seeming to backtrack a little bit. let's take a look at what they said about the ryan budg. >> i applaud the fact that
9:44 am
representative ryan put forward a plan to keep medicare solvent. and i'll note that while i haven't introduced today my own plan, will in the future, it's not going to be identical to the ryan plan. >> our proposal will have similarities overall to the ryan road map but our medicare plan will be somewhat different. our plan will include a series of options that people can choose from. one of which will be to stay in the current program. >> all right. chris cillizza, how about it? are presidential candidates trying to walk the line here? >> here's the problem. what we saw last week and joe biden mentioned it is when newt gingrich called the ryan plan, a medicare piece of it social engineering, people like rush limbaugh, nicky hailey said you can't do this. you are knee capping paul ryan. we need to support this plan. we had a special election on tuesday in which support for medicare by the republican candidate, if not doomed her, certainly made it a lot harder to win a seat republicans should have won.
9:45 am
no republican candidate wants to own the ryan plan. mitt romney wants to own the mitt romney plan. tim pawlenty wants to own the tim pawlenty plan. they are not going to sign up for a plan authored out of washington by a member of the republican leadership. that's not what the party wants in a presidential primary. they want people who are going to stand up, run against washington. so none of them are going to own a plan they didn't write. they'll all try and write their own plan that probably, honestly, hedges more on medicare would be my guess. >> beth, we know there's a little bit of a divide here inside the republican establishment. the consult apt community who knows how to read polls. then the opinion elites who are really want to get behind this ryan plan. and they seem to be listening to both. the romneys and pawlentys of the world. but they're also nervous about poking ryan too much because it might incite ryan into the presidential race which is still lingering out there a little
9:46 am
bit. >> right. i mean, i think even republicans are acknowledging since the special election in new york they have to do a better sales job if they are going to run on this medicare plan. what's interesting about it, unlike in the past where the republicans have had the advantage of bumper sticker slogan on their side. remember in the health care debate it was government takeover. now they are faced with sort of the much more nuanced explanation. it's much harder to pitch to the voters. whereas the democrats have the easy, you know, they are going to abolish medicare attack to use. as we saw in new york it can be effective. >> chris, let's talk about the republican field. i know republican establishment figures are trying to convey the sense that it's set. these are the candidates. look no further. and yet, there is a lot of speculation again today about sarah palin and her intentions. she's taken a few steps that some think might signal she's considering this race. tell us about it.
9:47 am
>> you know, savannah, she's -- we thabl have bought she and todd and the family have bought a house in arizona. we have a two-hour movie that's going to premiere first in iowa about her time as governor of alaska and her rise. so, yes if you want to look at -- there are dots out there that can be connected. what i would warn and i'm warning myself because i can get ahead of myself on these things, too, sarah palin's political career has been the most unorthodox political career i think of any modern politician. she doesn't usually connect the dots. we wouldn't have talked about her resigning from the governorship with 18 months left on her first term. so is it possible she is moving toward a presidential bid? yes. is it equally possible that this movie is just part of the broader sarah palin branding. sarah palin as pop culture figure? sarah palin as best-selling author, as kind of
9:48 am
celebrity/politician, a word chuck has coined. yes. i just don't know the answer to that. the only people that know the answer to that are sarah palin and todd palin who haven't talked to me lately, although i'm more than open to take those conversations. >> beth, every day that there's a story about sarah palin running in this republican race or at least taking up space, that's a good day for mitt romney, isn't it? >> it is because, you know, there's a lot of socially conservative voters out there that could possibly flock to his -- one of his biggest rivals, tim pawlenty if she's not there. and that's really the last thing romney needs. >> beth reinhart, chris cillizza and msnbc, thank you. this sunday on "meet the press," david gregory will have live exclusive interviews with mitch mcconnell and senator chuck schumer. check your local listings for that. coming up next, a mother on trial for first-degree murder.
9:49 am
prosecutors are trying to prove casey anthony murdered her 2-year-old daughter because she was more interested in partying than being a mom. we'll have the latest on the bombshells in this case coming up. [ dennis ] introducing good hands roadside assistance from allstate. you'll never pay a dime unless you use it and it's open to everyone. now, help is never far away. register now at ♪ so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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let's check in now on the casey anthony trial down in florida. we were showing you images from inside the courtroom from earlier this week when attorneys delivered their opening statements in this anticipated trial. casey anthony's exboyfriend took the stand yesterday. just finished his testimony today. let's get to kerry sanders with the latest. bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning,
9:53 am
savannah, they are moving along in this case, which they expect to take two months here on day three, let's go into the courtroom, back on the stand is george anthony, casey's father. i have not noticed whether she's looked across at him and they made any contact. but what i did see was a lot of looking away from each other. george anthony is according to the defense the reason that casey told this story that her daughter was missing. and why for 31 days she didn't say anything. the defense claims that casey anthony is the victim of sexual abuse of incest, by her father and that he had this unusual power over her because of that relationship, which the defense says began when she was only 8 years old. that when her child, allegedly drowned in the family pool and
9:54 am
george anthony found the child, he blamed casey for not watching her daughter and then together concocted this story of hiding her body and saying that she had been kidnapped. so he's back on the stand right now and the prosecutors are asking him some very specific questions about the layout of the backyard. they have a diagram where they are looking at it because there's a strange sort of event that took place based on what the prosecutors say. there was a day when this took place that casey thought her father would be away at work. she didn't know he had taken a day off from work and was at home. there's a crossing of hours there, maybe about a 15-minute period that the prosecution right now is honing in on. george anthony's attorney says he never did any of these allegations. he never sexually abused his
9:55 am
daughter and of course, he's conflicted because on the one hand he wants his daughter to beat this charge, but on the other hand, he says that what she's alleging just is not true. >> kerry, for those who have been following this, george anthony was the prosecutor's first witness then left the stand and they called a bunch of witnesses yesterday. why did the prosecutors recall him to the stand? >> reporter: it appears that what they are going to do in their presentation to the jury based on just the past couple of days is do a very chronological approach of what took place. so they started with the friend a few days before casey's daughter caylee, disappeared and died and now they are going in chronological order and building a case. so they likely are going to be calling george anthony many times throughout this two-month trial. and then cindy anthony, the wife, or casey's mother, will
9:56 am
also be called repeatedly because if they follow that chronological order, their lives are so intertwined with the daughters that they have to keep coming back as opposed to maybe getting them on the stand ael dealing with them completely all at once and moving on to another victim. >> it's a pretty interesting tactic. definitely gives the defense several cracks at cross-examination. kerry sanders, our great reporter on the scene there in orlando. we'll check back with you. thank you. we're out of time for the daily rundown, coming up next, at 1:00, don't miss andrea mitchell reports. chuck and i will see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. ♪
9:57 am
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